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We use this very same alginate-based product in our Studio when making baby keepsakes for our casting service customers, as it has exceptionally good detail capturing properties.


Simply mix the powder with water - It's very skin-safe and can even be used for creating casts of teeth for dental applications, it's that safe! This version has a very useful colour changing element that tells you how quickly it is setting. Average setting time is around 60 seconds - which makes it ideal for baby casting, as you're not having to sit still for a prolonged period of time. 


To give you a rough idea...A single 454g bag can yield approximately 4-6 moulds of a newborn baby (depending upon the size of the baby being cast and how generous you have been with the mixing).


It's not just for babies though! You can mould children, people and even flat objects. Afterwards, you can pour stonecast plaster or plaster of paris into the mould to create your duplicate.


Instructions are provided.


Check out our shop for all the other items you'll need to create a beautiful project.

Life Casting Alginate Moulding Powder

PriceFrom £11.80
  • Specification

    • Moulding Powder
    • 454g
    • Alginate
    • Seaweed Base
    • Foil-Sealed
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