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Pet Casting

Pets are like children to us too!

Unless you've had the pleasure of owning a dog, cat, horse, hamster, etc, then you'll never know how close they really can be - they're one of the family, just like our sons and daughters. Therefore, it's only right that you can create special keepsakes to remember them by too!

We use the same methods as in our Natural Style casting to achieve spectacular results. Just check out the detail on the paws and the horse's hoof...

These castings make the ideal gift for the pet lover that you thought had everything!

Pet paw casts purchased through our casting service include a box frame and start at just £49.99 for a single dog paw. Sets and larger animals will cost more.

What animals can we make casts of?
Over the years we've produced casts of dogs, cats, ferrets and even horses. Basically any animal with a paw or hoof!

How do I get one?
If you have a domestic animal as a pet, check out our Events page and see if we have a Pet Paw Casting Session coming up for you to book onto. If we don't have a suitable date, or if you have a large pet (like a horse), then contact us to book in for your very own casting session.

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