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Natural Style Casting

Wonderfully unique and natural keepsakes!

Delicately cast and displayed, this style of casting will give a faithful reproduction of your little one's hands & feet.

The complimentary balance between the ivory plaster and the terracotta really makes the detail stand out.

We make our Natural Style Castings with a gentle rustic charm - no sharp edges or symmetrical sides will be found on our casts.

We really want them to look like they have been forged in nature.

Our take on this method of casting is very popular and the feedback we've received is that the casts look even more beautiful for our choice of presentation.

You can have single hands or feet, one of each framed together, full sets of both hands and feet, or even different siblings framed together. All casts are presented in a bespoke box frame and include a standard printed personalised plaque.

Natural Style Baby Keepsake Casting Single Hand or Foot

Single Hand or Foot

Natural Style Baby Keepsake Casting Set of two hands, feet or one of each

Set of two casts
£94.98 (save £5.00)

A full set of Natural Style baby hand and foot keepsake casts

Set of four casts

£189.96 (save £10.00)

How do I get one made?
Check out our Events page and see if we have a Natural Style Casting Session coming up for you to book onto. If we don't have a suitable date contact us to book in for your very own casting session.

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