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Family Statue Casting

We use the same techniques as our 3D Metallic Style casts, however, we do this on a larger scale and can replicate a full 360 degree statue.

These statues are the ideal wedding or anniversary gift. Imagine celebrating your love with a unique 3D statue that can be displayed in your home for all to admire. In some cases, your wedding rings can be left on too!

High-grade plaster casts can be finished in either a bronze, pewter or gold effect as standard. Other colours available upon request such as Ivory/Pearl/Metallic Primary Colours.

These unique pieces of Fine Art start at £150 for a cast of two hands together.

Family groups can be commissioned - please Contact Us with your ideas to see if we can help!

Due to the nature of the moulding and casting of this type of keepsake, we are only able to get one cast from each mould made. However, we can create rubber moulds of the master casting if additional reproductions are required. Please ask for more details.

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