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About Us

So, who are Copycast Studios and where did it all begin? Take a look at the timeline below to see our journey...


Dean & Natalie made the first mould of their newborn baby's foot in their kitchen using some leftover body-casting material that Dean was using for a replica movie prop project. After copies are given to relatives, positive feedback sparks a new business idea.



With research and a business plan, Dean & Natalie stumble across a vacant shop at Hatton Country World.

Copycast Studios opens it's first premises in April 2006, leaving their salaried careers behind.



Shop premises closes. However, a steady growth and a customer-base covering The West Midlands, The Cotswolds, Birmingham, Worcestershire and Warwickshire (and occasionally other areas) sees the mobile baby casting service launched instead.



Copycast Studios starts making their own line of shadow box frames and keepsakes including personalised giftware.



Ebay shop opens selling DIY casting kits, box frames, casting materials and other keepsakes.

Orders start coming in and we are sending parcels all over the country and even abroad.



After taking a back seat in place of other projects, a re-launch is planned that includes a new website focussing on casting services and DIY casting kits.



Copycast Studios continues to grow an online presence with shops on Etsy, eBay, MadeMe and the launch of the new website.


The future...
With the outbreak of COVID-19, it's clear that the way we interact with each other and shop will change forever. Therefore, we'll adapt and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to create a beautiful keepsake of their own with more and more DIY casting kits and socially-distanced casting sessions.


We have lots of ideas too big to put on here, but make sure that you keep up to date by clicking one of the social links at the top of this page and connecting with us!

For Press Enquiries please contact us and a member of the team will get back to you. 

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