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Deep shadow box frames are perfect for framing those precious castings! The deep box means that you can get hands and feet displayed safely within the box.

* Gorgeous!
* Wooden frame*

Choice of depth box:
2" (52mm), 3" (76mm), 4" (101mm)
Frame Colour Supplied: Caramel, Slate Grey or Denim Black
Mount Board Colour Supplied: Antique White
Size: 12"x9"
Depth of Box: Various (see above)
Manufacturer: Copycast Studios

Our frames are hand-made in England using professional materials and equipment. They are made using a deep rebated removable box to the rear.

Why choose us?
We line the sides of our boxes with matching mountboard for a luxury finish and we seal the back with framing tape.

Choosing the right size...
The sizes listed are what are known as 'Glass Size'. This means that the piece of glass that goes into the frame will be the size you've chosen. The internal size of the box is approximately one inch smaller than the stated glass size. For example; a 12"x10" frame has an internal display space of 11"x9" and a 9"x7" frame would have 8"x6", etc.

We make these frames to order, so if the size you require is not listed, please get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to quote for your frame!

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12" x 9" Shadow Box Frame with Antique White Mount with 2 Apertures

Mountboard Colour: Antique White
  • Specification

    Frame Colour Supplied: please choose from the drop down menu above
    Mount Board Colour Supplied: Antique White
    No. of Apertures: 2
    Box Size (external dimensions): 12" x 9"
    Depth of Box: 1", 2", 3" or 4"