We use this very hard alpha casting plaster in our studio for our own baby hand and foot casting services. We want you to have access to the same high grade materials that we do!


Very hard plaster that can be used to create keepsakes, giftware and models. Fast drying and durable.


Full instructions are included and we supply a re-sealable tub to help keep your plaster fresh if you do not use it all in one go. This plaster is much, much harder than Plaster of Paris and is ideal for capturing the tiniest details in your mould as well as making tiny fingers and toes more durable if you do use it for baby casting (moulding powder required to do this)

Casting Plaster for Baby Casting and other crafts (Alpha Grade)

  • Specification

    • Hard setting
    • Suitable for giftware
    • minimum shrinkage