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Copycast Studios Baby Hand & Foot Casting Kit - This casting kit gives you double the amount of moulding materials when compared to our smaller kit. It contains everything required to create the moulds and casts of a baby's hands and feet and offers you a saving against buying the items separately in our shop.

Supplied in this kit:

  • 908g Alginate moulding powder
  • 1kg hard dental-grade casting powder
  • Moulding bags
  • Sandpaper
  • Your choice of premium quality high metallic paint (2x 20ml)
  • Paintbrush
  • Detailed instructions written by us.

Details:This kit is designed to give you lots of moulding and casting materials to try out baby hand and foot casting. You will have plenty of materials to have several attempts, so don't worry about nailing it first time! This removes the pressure and helps make for a more relaxed experience for you (and baby!).

How many casts will I get?
Other kits of similar size will state that you can get 8-12 castings of a newborn; which can be possible with practice. Realistically, if you're new to this you will have enough materials to make 4-8 casts using the moulding bags provided. If you get more, then that is an absolute bonus. Other factors can affect how many casts you get - such as age and size of baby and the size of the container you use for the moulding. For example, a 3-6 month-old baby can be considerably bigger than a newborn and require a bigger container to hold your moulding material and as such, it will use more material to mould. Similarly, if you use the material to mould a toddler, you may get 1 or 2 casts at most.

The basic process is as follows:

1, Mix water with the alginate moulding powder
2, place the hand or foot into the mixture before it sets
3, The moulding material sets within minutes!
4, Remove the limb and mix water with the hard plaster powder
5, Pour the plaster into the mould and swill around until set
6, Wait for the cast to set and peel away the moulding material
7, When the cast has dried fully you can paint it and then choose how to display it
8, Repeat as many times as you can with the materials you have left.

Baby Hand and Foot Casting Kit - Large

  • Specification

    • Fun to do
    • Safe process
    • Create long-lasting memories
    • Includes a voucher to get 10% off any of our frames/plinths