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Pets are like children to us too!

Unless you've had the pleasure of owning a dog, cat, horse, hamster, etc, then you'll never know how close they really can be - they're one of the family, just like our sons and daughters.

Therefore, it's only right that you can create special keepsakes to remember them by too!

We use the same methods as in our Natural Style casting to achieve spectacular results.
Just check out the detail on the paws and the horse's hoof...

These castings make the ideal gift for the pet lover that you thought had everything
(including the diamond encrusted lead, and raincoat with matching umbrella!)

Animal Paw Cast

(Rabbits/Dogs/Cats, etc)


After popular request, we are now trialling a petpaw casting service via some Vets, Grooming Parlours and Boarders.

More news as details are finalised...



Dog Paw
Horse Hoof
Dog Paw
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