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"Very pleased, very friendly and professional", T,L & S, Nuneaton

Copycast Studios realised very quickly that the old saying...

"you can't get better than personal recommendation"

...is very true indeed. 
In fact, much of our business actually comes from friends and family of existing customers being referred to us either by word-of-mouth or by seeing the quality first-hand when owners of casts proudly show them off!

We also realised that this is an excellent opportunity for us to reward our customers further as we're delighted with the feedback we receiving.

So, to say a big thank you for recommending us, we have drawn up our loyalty scheme (the only casting company to offer such a scheme!)

Who can join the Loyalty Scheme?

If you have commissioned us to make any of the cast styles from our casting services, then you are eligible.
(We are even backdating this scheme right back to our opening date of April 2006)

You have referred a customer to us that has consequently purchased from our Casting Services.

How does it work then?

Well - it's not like a supermarket here at Copycast Studios™, so chances are that you won't be coming back to us every week to buy more casts!
So, a points-per-shop scheme would not work here. Instead, if you refer someone else to Copycast Studios™, who then commissions us to make a cast - we will issue you with a "stamp" to say thank you for the referral.

This "stamp" is unique to you and is worth a tenth of the current cost of a single hand or foot from our Natural Style Casts.

Once you have collected ten "stamps" you can redeem it for a free single hand or foot from our Natural Style Cast.

An tenth?! Why a tenth?!

We decided that by issuing "stamps" that were a fraction of the cost of our casting service as opposed to an actual amount (for example £2.00), this would protect the value of your bonus in the event of any future price increases.

Do I have to refer 10 people before I can get a cast - I don't know 10 people!!!

That's OK - another reason why we set the value of a "Stamp" at a tenth of the current cost is so that you accumulate an actual monetary amount.

Therefore, you can redeem your collection of "stamps" at any time and the amount that you have accumulated will be taken off as a discount from your bill.

I've already bought casts from you - do I really want more?

You'd be surprised how many of our customers come back to us for more castings further down the line. Perhaps you want casts taken again when they are a bit bigger to start building a collection? Perhaps you have another baby? Perhaps you know someone having a baby and want to buy them casts as a present?

So, to get a free casting, I just need to refer 10 different people?

Yes, 10 different people ordering casts from our casting services.

Or, exchange your "stamps" at any time to get a partial discount against the cost of a new order.

For example; if a single hand or foot from our Natural Style is £39.99 and you had 5 "stamps" you would have £19.95 to spend!

Can "Stamps" be used for anything else?

Regrettably not - they can only be used against the cost of our casting services. Therefore they can not be used for purchases from our giftware range, fingerprint jewellery or gift vouchers. They can not be exchanged for cash, nor used to pay for any call-out fee on a commission.

How do I get my "Stamp"?

Just drop us a line with the name of your friend(s) or relative(s) who have bought casts from us as a result of your recommendation and we'll start issuing "stamps" to you.

As we are backdating this scheme right back to the beginning - you may be entitled to several stamps in one go!

Alternatively, if we are told during a booking that they were referred to us by a previous customer - we will issue a "Stamp" to the original customer.

I haven't commissioned you to make casts before, but I have referred people to you - Can I have stamps?

Yes, we'd love to reward you for helping spread the word about Copycast Studios™!

However, your "Stamps" are not at the same value as someone who has previously commissioned castings.
In this case, your value will be a twentieth of the current price of a single hand or foot in our Natural Style Cast.

Why is this?

In order to afford this Loyalty Scheme, we've had to factor in profit margins from all of the possible sequences and an initial order to kick-start off the loyalty scheme process is all added in.

Remember - each person you are recommending to us will also be eligible to start the scheme too!

Why do you keep putting the word "Stamps" between Quotes?

This is because we do not actually issue a physical stamp to you - it's not as if you are seeing us every week like if you were at Tesco, Sainsbury or Morrisons!

Therefore, we keep a note of you joining the scheme and allocate a code to your name.

We also, contact you with this code to write down as well.

The code is absolutely unique to you and because we generate the codes, we know exactly which codes are in existence and because we allocate them, we know exactly who has which code.

This avoids possible abuse of the Loyalty Scheme from people that try to make up or second-guess codes.

You've really thought this through haven't you?!

We have indeed! We really value our customers and want to reward your loyalty.

Even though we are in a niche market and we do not have many competitors, we still value the fact that you have the choice to shop elsewhere!

Before we set this scheme up, we valued it as free advertising - well, we now want to pay for that advertising as it's the best form of advertising available...




Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to withdraw this scheme at any time without notification if we suspect that abuse or misuse of the system has occurred.

Whilst every effort has been made to identify customers who are entitled to automatic entry into the scheme, it is still to be considered an "opt-in" benefit. Therefore, we will not be held responsible in the event that you were not aware of your right to take part. This may have been as a result of, but not limited to, ticking the data protection preference on our order form to opt-out of receiving notifications from Copycast Studios.

Codes will only be issued per new customer and not per order. For example; You refer Customer A, who uses our casting services both in January and November - In this example, you would receive one code only for January.

Codes will only be issued against full price castings and can not be used in conjunction with any other special offer or discount.

A completely free cast is made up of a single hand or foot from our Natural Style Cast range and includes a basic frame (not box frame or bespoke service).

Any call-out fee for the commission of the free cast is also payable.

You can only be referred once. Once you have been referred, you can not be referred again by someone else. For example you have two friends who have also been customers of Copycast Studios - only one of the friends would get a "stamp", and it would go to the person who is nominated by the new customer, or the first person to send notification of the referral.

Administration of the scheme is carried out by Copycast Studios.

In the event of a discrepancy our decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. 

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