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Beautiful and affordable casts of your little loved one or pet in either our bronze & silver Metallic Style, or go for the Natural Style cast. Then have them presented in hand-made wooden frames and finished with a dark or light natural stain.

Basic frames are included in the price and can be upgraded to box-frames if desired for an additional cost.

We use only the best quality, professional grade mould-making materials to make the first mould of your little one.

Casts take approximately 14-21 days from the date of moulding and delivery is usually free depending upon where you need them delivered to.

Prices start at 49.99!

How to Order a Casting

Check out the casting styles that we offer below and then Contact us to enquire about availability - we usually undertake bookings in the evenings (Monday to Friday) and at Weekends.  We will then be able to allocate a date and time for your casting session (you may also want to read the FAQs below in case they answer any of your initial questions).

We'll come out to you in the comfort of your own home for a relaxed experience or visit your parent & toddler group for a multiple booking.  This consultation will consist of looking through our range of examples, selecting a frame and background colour, and making the mould.

As you are in your own home or in the company of friends, you'll feel more relaxed and your baby will be in familiar surroundings.

We'll advise you on the materials being used and exactly what will happen in order to get the perfect mould.

(You're welcome to take photos during the casting process as another treasured keepsake)

Step 2

Create your own package - the commission is made up of 2 parts:

Casting Style + Call-out Fee

Step 3

We'll arrive and make the initial moulds ready for completion back at our workshop.  14 - 21 days later, we'll arrange delivery or postage of your finished casts.

Step 4

Recommend us to your friends and family!

(all customers are put onto our Customer Loyalty Scheme, where you can get free castings just for spreading the word about Copycast Studios! - Click HERE for more details)

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Callout Fee

Unless we're at an event where we can take the initial impressions there and then, there is an additional call-out fee.
This is a nominal fee to cover fuel costs only - we do not charge for the actual casting session - and remember; delivery is free!

Within 25 Miles of B98 0TD = £10.00

Within 40 Miles of B98 0TD = £15.00

Over 40 Miles = Arrangements to be made on an individual basis

N.B. Mileage figures are worked out using the Google Maps routeplanner
and using a central postcode of B98 0TD and the delivery address postcode supplied by you.

Casting F.A.Q's

Will it hurt my baby?
What do you use then?
Alginate?! What's that?!
How long does it take?
Is it messy?
What if they wriggle?
So it really is quite safe then?
What am I waiting for?

Will it hurt my baby?
back to FAQ

Absolutely not! The mould making techniques used both by us and other baby-casting companies are tried and tested techniques used by artists, film special-FX professionals and make-up artists all over the world. We wouldn't do it if there was any chance of this happening...

What do you use then? back to FAQ

We use natural earth based clay for the Natural Style Castings and Professional Grade Alginate for the 3D Metallic Style.

Alginate?! What's that?! back to FAQ

Alginate is another natural product (think seaweed!). Dentists use Alginate to take impressions of your teeth, therefore this has to be a safe and quick setting product. In fact, our material is a better grade than dental alginate as dental Alginate uses cold water in order for it to set. Because our Alginate is for body-casting, we use warm water, which makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone concerned!

How long does it take? back to FAQ

The Natural Style mould is made with clay, so it is as quick as making a hand or foot print into the clay.

The 3D Metallic Style mould takes about 40/60 seconds to set, then slips off like a glove or wellington boot.

Is it messy? back to FAQ

Not usually - but we won't lie to you!! There is potential!!  We bring floor coverings and table cloths, it's easy to clean up with a baby wipe and there will be no lasting marks on the skin! However, we do recommend that you dress your little one in something that you consider playclothes and not their best Christening gown!

What if they wriggle? back to FAQ

No problem! If we are making the Natural Style Cast, then we can use the clay over and over until we get a print that we're both happy with.

If we're making the 3D style mould with Alginate, then we can control the mould at all times whilst it's setting. In fact, for this style - the more they wriggle, the better as it gets mould material right down between the creases of their hands and feet!

So it really is quite safe then? back to FAQ

It really is - and fun too!

You'll always remember the day you had the moulds taken! That's half the experience. The other half is proudly putting them on display afterwards.

What am I waiting for? back to FAQ

Who knows? I'd be clicking this link Contact Us to find out how to contact us straight away!!!

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