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We are the manufacturers of the Copycast Studios™ Cast it, Keep it™ Baby Casting Kits listed below. We've researched and designed our kits with an emphasis on honest instructions and achievable results.

We identify the stages where things can go wrong and they are clearly marked out in the instructions for you to pay special attention to. We want you to have the same perfect hand and foot keepsakes that we've been making since 2005!

Kits are recommended for use by adults.  An interest in art and craft is an advantage - however, with our instruction anyone can have a go at making casts.

We have various levels of kit - from simple components through to full casting kits with box-frames. Kits are available with different paint options to make a really bespoke display to match your home.

All Kits Come with:

Mixing Cups
Gold and Silver paint
Full instructions
Choice of Frame or Plinth

Browse the size options below to see our expanding range and choose a colour from within the category:

  3d Examples 3D Examples Large oak plinth   

Basic Kits
(All materials listed above minus the frame/plinth)
from 14.95

Large Basic Kits
(2x All materials listed above minus the frame/plinth)
From 22.95

Kits with Oak Plinths
(all materials listed above plus an oak plinth)
From 24.95

  basic boxframe   

Kits with a Box-Frame
(all materials listed above plus a boxframe)

From 28.95

Kits with a
Deluxe Box-Frame

(all materials listed above plus a Deluxe boxframe)
From 39.95

Kits with
a Deluxe Frame
& Engraved Plaque
From 42.95

  Twins Frame   
  Kits with a Large Frame ideal for twins/siblings
(2x all materials listed above plus a large Deluxe Boxframe)
From 49.95
  Flumpf Mallow Casting Kits  
  blue mallow kit  Pink Flumpf Framed Flumpf Mallow Kit   
Blue Flumpf™ Mallow Kit
From 12.50
(no frame)
Pink Flumpf™ Mallow Kit
From 12.50 
(no frame)
Deluxe Flumpf™
Mallow Kit

From 25.50
(includes a box-frame)
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